triple action shave gel

Prepares your beard for a close shave and protects sensitive facial skin.

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PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel rescues your skin from the adverse effects of shaving, then moisturizes, tones, and reduces the signs of aging.

  • Prepares your beard for a close, comfortable shave while helping protect sensitive facial skin from redness, irritation, nicks, and cuts
  • Contains high levels of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, to improve exfoliation for a close shave
  • Helps restore moisture stripped by shaving
  • Powered with vitamins and nutrients to help energize the skin and reduce the visual signs of aging

Men’s skin is more sensitive because of the harsh effects of shaving. PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel makes for a smoother shave with reduced sensitivity and pH balancing, while also moisturizing, toning, calming and nourishing the skin.


Oat Extract with Avenanthramides, Aloe Leaf Juice, Australian Caviar Lime, Fruit Extract


Vegetable Glycerin


Irish Moss, Yerba Mate

Massage PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel into beard without water. Shave and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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