3 Tricks To Score The Perfect Shave

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You do it most days on autopilot – but for the best results, there are certain steps you should be sure to take. Say sayonara to unsightly nicks and five o’clock shadow with these tips to get a smooth, sexy finish.


  • Soften In The Shower. Hair swells when it’s wet, making it softer and easier to shave. A warm shower before you shave is the ideal way to prep. If you’re unable to jump in the shower, splash water on your face, and then apply a warm, wet washcloth to your face, and hold in place for about a minute. Use a high-quality shaving gel that protects your skin. The biggest no-no is to shave on dry skin – it’s a guarantee for razor burn and rash.


  • Soothe Right Afterwards. After you’ve shaven, skin is at its most sensitive. Rinse your face with cool water (it’s better for skin) and pat gently dry with a clean towel. Replenish skin with a LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer that contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally produces for self-lubricating purposes. Also look for nutrient-rich extracts like olive oil to calm and nurture skin.


  • Take A Break Sometimes. If you take care with the steps above, shaving daily should be fine, and even beneficial for the complexion, as it’s a form of daily exfoliation that keeps skin soft and smooth. But if you begin to feel irritated, or if shaving isn’t necessary on a given day, skipping the razor once in awhile is good for men’s skin care. It’s sort of like working out: Doing it regularly is great for healthy muscles, but going without a break won’t give your body time to recover and restore.
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