5 Tips to Transition Your Skin Into Fall


As the days grow shorter and temperatures dip lower, the changing climate causes skin to feel drier. Follow these easy steps to keep your complexion looking its best, even as your skin faces new challenges.


  • Dial Back Cleansing. Washing your face twice a day could feel essential in the summer when sweat and humidity are at a high, but dermatologists say you may not have to cleanse your complexion as often in the Fall. In the morning, a splash of water may be all you need to awaken, followed by your usual skincare routine. It’s more important to cleanse your face at night with a replenishing formula like Action Rehydrating Facial Cleanser, to remove the day’s pollutants and dirt, before retiring to bed for shut-eye while your skin restores.


  • Use A Warm Washcloth. Skin cell turnover rates can lag this time of year, causing your complexion to look dull. Regular exfoliation will help brighten you up again. After cleansing at night, run a clean washcloth under warm water, and then smooth it over your face. Just be sure not to rub – a gentle massage is all you need to refresh skin. Follow immediately with moisturizer. A freshly exfoliated face will also absorb moisturizer more deeply, for more hydrated skin.


  • Layer Hydration Up. In the summer, a light serum or moisturizer may have been all your skin needed to feel comfortable. With humidity levels dropping in the Fall, and a drier environment due to elements like forced indoor heating, your skin will need more moisturization than usual to feel quenched. After cleansing, layer on a hydrating serum, quickly followed by a moisturizing lotion like LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer to insulate skin. Applying both within a minute of cleansing, on slightly damp skin, is also better for overall absorption of products. Follow up your men’s skin care routine with an eye cream designed for men’s skin, like Revive serum, for an added moisture boost.


  • Carry Lip Balm. If you wait until your lips are already chapped before you treat them, you’ll find yourself fighting flaky lips all season long. Carry and regularly apply a lip balm that helps protect and build the skin barrier, so that hydration is locked in. Also look for additional moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter or coconut oil to hydrate. To take off lip flakes, apply lip balm, and then exfoliate lips with your toothbrush.


  • Hang Out In Steam. Warm, humid steam is great for balancing skin in the fall. If your gym or spa has a steam room, go in and enjoy a 10-minute session to help open pores and rebalance skin’s natural moisture levels. Pat your face dry and apply moisturizer afterwards. You can also create your own steam with a hot shower – though refrain from bathing yourself in hot water, as it actually strips skin of its natural oils, causing more chronic dryness afterwards.
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