4 Ways To Groom On-The-Go For Labor Day


Whether you’re heading to the beach, golf course or mountains, looking sharp while traveling requires a bit of a game plan. Here’s how to look put-together, no matter where you’re headed this holiday.

1. Shave Smart. Before you leave, make sure your razor has a fresh blade for the smoothest results. Shave after you shower so your skin softens with the warm help of shower steam, which makes hair follicles more receptive to nick-free hair removal. Use a moisturizing shaving gel and carry an aftershave made with nourishing peptides to prevent shaving bumps that are more likely to crop up when

2. Use Eye Serum. Hydrating the delicate skin around eyes instantly makes you look younger and more well rested, even if you have to catch that red eye home. Try a formula made with antioxidants that also targets fine lines and minimizes puffiness and dark circles like Profile4Men’s REVIVE Eye Rescue Serum. Use morning and night, and as an afternoon pick-me-up if needed.

3. Wear A Solid Scent. Bottles of fragrance are notorious for leaking and breaking in transit, which can ruin your packed wardrobe. Instead, try a solid version that comes in a travel-friendly tin. These formulas are touched onto pulse points with your fingers, and tend to have a more subtle fragrance that the traveler in the seat next to you will likely appreciate, too.

4. Combine Steps. Instead of packing shampoo and conditioner, try a cleansing conditioner that is not only gentler on hair, but can double as body wash in a pinch, too. And look for an all-in-one hard balm made of shea butter or olive oil that you can use as a multi-purpose saver to tame cowlicks and flyaway strands, lip balm, hand and cuticle cream, and an all-over face moisturizer. Men’s travel kits are also a great way to carry your favorite products in TSA-approved sizes.

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