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Thanks for your question! People seem to ask this a lot and here’s the drill.

First off, I’m like most guys. I don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing around with “how I look.” I want easy, I want simple and mostly, I want results.

After 3 decades in movies and TV I’ve boiled it down to this men’s skin care regimen, which I do everyday, and have for years.

Wake up and wash. PROFILE’S Action cleanser is designed specifically for a guys skin and I love it. Then, the secret weapon. REVIVE Eye Serum. Your eyes tell the tale. Puffiness, dark circles, bags, fine lines, your eye area can make you look tired and old or alert and young. Ignore at your risk. Rollerball REVIVE under your eyes and at the corners where you might find fine lines, every morning and night. I carry mine in my pocket to use anytime I need a life during the day.

At night you’ve got to really cleanse the grime of your long day. I wash with PROFILE Action facial cleanser. I actually shave at night (I prefer a hint of shadow, it’s an edgier look, especially if you wear suits and ties) so I use our Pro Comfort shaving gel and then our RECHARGE Age combating serum as my “after shave.” It tightens, reduces fine lines and feels great.

A lot of guys let their skin get too dry. It’s not a good look. I recommend moisturizing morning or night (your choice) with LIFT anti-gravity moisturizer. Be sure to hit your neck and lower face for the full anti-aging effect.

There you have it. It’s as simple as you can get and still get results! Remember: If you’re unwilling to take care of yourself, then don’t complain about not looking your best. There’s no free lunch!

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