Welcome to PROFILE™


For the last six years I’ve been working on building the world’s best skin care line for men. Finally, I’m excited to be able to share PROFILE with you.

Throughout my career, I learned tricks of the trade from experts for maintaining clean, healthy and younger looking skin. I used this knowledge, proven ingredients and personal research to make grooming quick and easy for men with all skin types.

With PROFILE, our goal is to help you…
1. Erase – Soothes and calms skin from the elements and the effects of shaving
2. Restore – Hydrates and moisturizes for a youthful, invigorated look
3. Renew – Erases the visual signs of aging by rebuilding skin while lifting, firming and reducing fine lines

I believe that everyone should have access to what they need to look and feel their best. With these hassle-free products, every man can put his best face forward with confidence.

PROFILE’s a staple in my medicine cabinet, and, I’m pretty sure, it will be a staple in yours too.

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